Can Alzheimer’s Go Away?

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Can Alzheimer’s Go Away?

Can Alzheimer’s Go Away?

Alzheimer’s is a condition that continues to lead to many deaths yet the cause of the condition remains elusive. Scientists have not been able to pinpoint the cause so prevention and treatment becomes a difficult issue. Unfortunately, once a person develops Alzheimer’s the disease does not go away but the symptoms often come and go throughout the duration of the condition.

Alzheimer’s is not like common aging where a person begins to lose their memory – although it is one of the symptoms of the condition. But there are other symptoms of the disease besides dementia which significantly vary from person to person. These differences are what make treatment even more difficult.

The Progression of Alzheimer’s

Since Alzheimer’s is a brain degenerative disease, a patient progressively loses all their function and capability to the point where they forget how to breathe on their own. Eventually, the condition leads to death. Drug tests have been done to help prevent or slow down the progression of the disease but most trials have either been unsuccessful or inconclusive.

A patient can only slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, participating in social and cognitive activity. These activities, however, will only help to slow the progression of the disease rather than cure it.

When a patient has dementia, they will have moments when their memory comes back again but that does not mean the Alzheimer’s has gone away. Scientists are continually working to better understand the disease and how to treat it.

It can be extremely beneficial for an Alzheimer’s patient to seek professional help in better understanding how to cope with the disease as well as to learn how they may take steps in slowing the progression.

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